Austin Coding Academy Diversity Scholarship

“Diversity is more than a buzzword, it’s the wave of the future.” – Forbes Technology Council




At Austin Coding Academy, we are committed to making tech jobs accessible to everyone. We firmly believe that anyone who is willing to put in the work to learn the necessary technical skills should have access to a career in tech.

The current makeup of the tech industry fails to represent the cultural makeup and trends of Austin, Texas and the US as a whole. Our world is becoming more diverse by the day, and as tech plays an increasingly important role in shaping it, the tech workforce should represent this shift. While we certainly have our work cut out for us, we’re up for the challenge!

One way ACA is planning to help make the Austin tech space more diverse is by offering a Diversity Scholarship to a deserving candidate for our January cohort. We are excited by the way tech is growing in our city and we’ve proven that our part-time, student-focused education is helping fill the skills gap. ACA takes students from novice to job-ready in under a year, allowing enough time for students to learn the information, but also lowering the barriers to launching a new career. We’re already the most affordable coding school in town and we’re thrilled to provide a fully paid track to deserving candidate.



From November 1 - December 1, Austin Coding Academy will be accepting applications from candidates who are ready to take control of their own destiny. Applicants must be ready to join our January cohort and plan to complete the entire track in under a year (full schedule is below). Applicants can choose to attend classes at either our "North Central - Highland" or "Downtown - Capital Factory" locations.

If selected, the student would start "101 Intro to Web" on January 14th or 15th and then decide whether to move into the C# .NET or Full Stack JavaScript tracks. Upon completion of the program, the awardee will take a 4-week job preparedness course, that gives graduates the necessary tools to land their first role. ACA is committed to helping its students make the transition into tech and put their newfound skills to work. In this course, students will learn how to construct a resume, cultivate their web presence, approach the interview process with confidence, and more.

We’re looking for candidates who have grit, determination and who are interested in pursuing a career in tech -- no coding or tech background is required. To apply, please read all of the details below and then submit your application.





Eligibility for the Austin Coding Academy Diversity Scholarship is determined based on a variety of factors. Students applying for the scholarship must:

  • Read through all portions of this page
  • Submit an application for the Diversity Scholarship
  • Be available to interview with the independent Selection Committee on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, or be willing to record and submit a video interview ahead of that day
  • Be prepared to enroll in Austin Coding Academy courses starting January 14 or 15. In-person attendance is mandatory.
  • Intend to complete a full web development track at Austin Coding Academy within a year - note that if you drop a class, you’ll be charged for the portion of the class you completed
  • Intend to pursue a career in technology upon graduating from Austin Coding Academy
  • Engage in promotion of future Austin Coding Academy Diversity initiatives and be willing to volunteer to bring technical education to diverse communities

The Diversity Scholarship application is open to all, but the Selection Committee will consider key components when determining eligibility and fit, including:

  • Preference given to students who have shown a commitment to groups that are underrepresented in technology
  • Preference given to students with financial need

The recipient will be selected by a Selection Committee of 5-7 distinguished and independent individuals in the field of technology. The deliberations of the Selection Committee will be confidential and independent of Austin Coding Academy. 




We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 Diversity Scholarship.




Austin Coding Academy is proud to be an equal opportunity educational institution. We are committed to equal opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.